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MPLUSPLUS is a crew of stage technologists who is here to innovate the common sense of entertainment. The etymology of our company name comes from the letter “m” of make – the starting point of all craftsmanship, together with the programing increment symbol “++” which means “innovation”, much like our desire to aim higher from here on out. Take a look at our company logo. The left side resembles the circuit symbol of electrical resistance, while the right side resembles the circuit symbol of direct current. The meaning behind our logo represents our thought and intentions of “Resisting present-day culture and surpassing common sense”, as well as “Constantly innovating culture”. We – mplusplus – will revamp any space into a stage of entertainment and continue to create new excitement with the power of technology.



“Innovating dance conventions with technology”
Approaching sound at speed humans cannot react. Visual expressions which augment the human body. During time, various types of dance and techniques have emerged, but it can evolve even more with state of the art technology. M++ DANCERS are the one and only technology dance crew that blends in-house developed technology with dance.

人が反応できない速度での音へのアプローチや、人体を拡張した視覚的表現。時代と共に様々なジャンルや技が誕生してきたダンスは、現代のテクノロジーで更に進化できるはず。M++ DANCERSは、自社開発の技術とダンスとを融合させた、唯一無二のテクノロジーダンスクルーです。