Humanized Light

Humanized Light(2021)

World is full of pandemics, wars and cyber bullying. We are currently in a world where we have difficulties “moving forward”. By facing the Giant walking and moving forward with power, I hope this will be an opportunity to rethink the path humanity should take. “Humanized Light” is a physical and movemental expression that brings the principles of biological motion into three-dimensional space. The high-ceiling venue is equipped with four lighting fixtures, and the four rays of light that emerge from them become each limb. The rays of light, which expresses both arms and legs, walk freely with the beat to every corner of the space and attract the viewer as if they were real giants. When the equipment used to illuminate a subject emits a presence, the viewer unintentionally avoids the light giant or tries to approach and touch the light giant creating instinctive interest. In this way, each viewer faces the giant in his or her own consciousness.

150W Moving Head x 4