Light-emitting Existence

Vitality of Light — Light-emitting Existence(2023)

In this light installation, a single particle of light travels freely around the space. This work is a development of the WAVING LED RIBBON, which MPLUSPLUS used when it appeared on the NBC TV show America’s Got Talent in 2022. Fujimoto himself performed on the show as one of the dancers and conceived this new work as he rehearsed with the LED ribbon. If we can make just a single particle of light shine to match the buoyancy and irregular movements of cloth, we may be able to realize a new, previously unseen form of visual expression with light and matter, like fairies manipulating glittering motes of light. Having demonstrated the dazzling effects of making the entirety of a white ribbon shine, the MPLUSPLUS product here evolves to connect with the theme of this work: making light itself dance. In the installation, robotic arms hangs from the ceiling, holding an organdy ribbon with built-in LEDs, and conjuring up a spinning circle of light that measures four meters across. The robotic arm moves at a fixed speed, with its rotations creating a breeze and which then generates the ribbon’s dance. In addition to the regularity of the arm rotations and the buoyancy of the ribbon, Fujimoto set light movement as a parameter to pursue a sense of verve. If humans and light can dance together, what kind of performance and physical expression becomes possible? The work explores a future in which light is not something for illuminating a dancer, but rather becomes something that performs with a human as a dance partner.

MPLUSPLUS “Embodiment++” Dates: September 16-November 19, 2023 Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT] (Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Cooperator in robot mechanism development is MUSCLE Corporation.


Concept & Art Direction : Minoru Fujimoto(MPLUSPLUS)

Robotic Development : MUSCLE CORPORATION

Software Design : Ono Keisuke(MPLUSPLUS)

Mechanical Engineer : Takeuchi Yukako(MPLUSPLUS)

Sound Design : Suzuki Tatsuhiko(MPLUSPLUS)

Robot Motion Programming : Minoru Fujimoto(MPLUSPLUS)


Photo: Kabe Sohei

Photo courtesy Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]