Robotic Choreographer

The Robotic Choreographer is a robotic arm for dancing to a level beyond the human. This exhibition features an arrangement of Last Note, a song and choreography piece presented in 2018, performed by two robotic arms. The dance by these robotic arms conveys a sense of at times fear, but also simultaneously elegance and smoothness. This is achieved by the motor with a temporal resolution of 1,000 fps and spatial resolution of 50,000 PPR (0.0072 increments), and the mechanical structure that truly brings out the motor performance. For this robot with astonishingly high resolution, Fujimoto sought out the elegance of human physicality and carried out precise control and choreography. Even with a robot larger than a human being, is it possible to use its entire structure and accomplish both the previous smooth movements and also dynamic movements? Exploring this question, Fujimoto seeks out the potential of our bodies. “With humans, not only fingertips and limbs but the whole body can be used to achieve smooth movement and rotation.” Today, when intelligence is augmenting the human, not least through developments in Al, this work offers a more open image of the human body via the speed, motion range, and resolution that technology makes possible.

MPLUSPLUS “Embodiment++” Dates: September 16-November 19, 2023 Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT] (Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Cooperator in robot mechanism development is MUSCLE Corporation.


Concept & Art Direction : Minoru Fujimoto(MPLUSPLUS)

Robotic Development : MUSCLE CORPORATION

Software Design : Keisuke Ono(MPLUSPLUS)

Mechanical Engineer : Takeuchi Yukako(MPLUSPLUS)

Sound Design : Suzuki Tatsuhiko(MPLUSPLUS)

Robot Motion Programming : Suzuki Tatsuhiko(MPLUSPLUS)


Photo: Kabe Sohei

Photo courtesy Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]